Current GM – Glen Grunwald

The New York Knickerbockers, or as they are more commonly known, The Knicks have been managed and administrated by one Glen Grunwald since the 26th of September 2006. Currently in his 5th season as the Knicks’ GM , Grunwald is one of American Basketballs most well respected and versatile senior executives. He is entirely responsible for the team’s budget, salaries, player personnel decisions, trades, acquisitions and day to day humdrum operations, including keeping up to date with the players obsession with free online pokies making sure they do not get distracted for too long and that they get to training on time. You can play at the Canadian mobile casino from any convenient location at any time of the day or night. The mobile casino Canada connects to your tablet or smartphone via a high-speed cellular connectivity that enables you to play all of your preferred casino games at your leisure 24/7.

After a decade of steering the Toronto Raptors through high seas, Grunwald was able to successfully navigate the steep road for the Knicks as well. Few of the execs in the world of basketball today have been in the game as long as Grunwald, he was the perfect choice. At 52, Grunwald is enthusiastic and positive about his team and their future. He sees the team as a puzzle: the Knicks have added a lot of fantastic pieces, they just need to be put together in the right was to get things running smoothly. Grunwald says: “We consciously made a decision that we needed to develop some salary cap flexibility, and to do that we had to trade away some pretty good players and give up some other players in the hopes that the new team will be better than the old team, with a chance to compete in the Playoffs and someday compete for a championship.”

1994 to 2004 of Grunwald’s career was spent with the Toronto Raptors: a period of 7 seasons as GM. Grunwald managed to build the Raptors up to be a team that was one of the most elite of the entire Eastern Conference. Grunwald helped to preside over the Knicks rebuilding, and hopes that they will soon be ready to step into the limelight in the same way the Raptors did. These days have also changed totally. Under Grunwald’s expert guidance the Raptors made it into the NBA playoffs three years running in 2001, 2 and 3. The Raptors thrashed the Knicks in round one, and came within one game of getting through to the Eastern conference finals. Already a member of the Toronto office in years past, he joined as the Raptors vice president, legal affairs and assistant manager in ’94. Grunwald also served at the team’s salary cap expert as well as offering them his legal expertise in regard to sponsorship, marketing and contract issues. Prior even to being an integral part of the Raptors’ management team, he was with the Denver Nuggets and responsible for all HR, legal, salary and admin matters.

Grunwald left his position as president and CEO of Toronto’s Board of Trade, where he had been since December 2004. TO add to his already extensive list of accomplishments, Grunwald is a former member of the board of directors of Canada Basketball as well as being chairman and part owner of the Hoop Dome in Downsview Park, Toronto. Looking further back to his college days, Grunwald graduated fom Indiana University where he played ball along aide hall of famer Isiah Thomas and was co captain of the 1981 Hoosiers’ NCAA championship squad. H also has the distinction of being the Celtics’ 5th round pick in the NBA draft of the same year. Not content to stop his schooling there however, Grunwald earned his lae degree from Northwestern (’84) and added a masters degree in Business Admin to his soon to be staggering list of accomplishments at Indiana in ’86. To this day the natively Chicago Grunwald family resides in Westchester: Glen and his wife Heather are the very proud parents of Emma who is 16,Gabe 17 and little Will who is 8 years old.